Thursday, October 20, 2016

CryptoMalware Resources

Some resources for CryptoMalware Detection, Prevention, and Remediation

Presy Slides (updated periodically):

ISSA Journal April 2016 Feature Article - CryptoLocker by Carl Saiyed

J. Wolfgang Goerlich Preparing for malware -
FREE Training Course:

Ransomware Tri-fold:
Sept. 2016 Advisory:

Microsoft Articles:

Expert Analysis:

CryptoLocker Prevention Kit:
CryptoPrevent (workstations only):

BLADE (Block All Drive-by Download Exploits):

Traffic Analysis:
Expert Analysis:
Microsoft Server Techniques:


Utilities and regain access to your files:

Attempt to retrieve your keys from:
FireEye’s website
Kaspersky’s Website:

Other References
CoinVault and Bitcryptor keys & app:
Scripts and Files related to the CyyptoWall v.3 threat:
CryptoLocker Scan Tool by Omnispear:

Using PowerShell to Combat CryptoLocker:

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