Thursday, December 1, 2016

An open letter from a Social Engineer

Hello! My name is social engineer. I like to use any and all information about you to gain access to your money, healthcare records and personal identity. It’s Halloween and it can be a scary time. Sometimes I’m scared by the amount of info people share about themselves and their loved-ones online.

A great way to wrap-up National Cyber Security Awareness Month is to limit the amount of info I have access-to by navigating to this page on facebook and clicking this button called, “Limit Old Posts.” This makes the amount of info available to me much more scarce! You can do this same thing on other social media sites too.

Of course if you need more scaring to be convinced, just sign-in to facebook and head over to for a close-to-home demo of how your own info might be used against you. IF YOU DARE!

Happy Halloween!

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