Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hacking the generation Gap - leading millennials in infosec

Millennials are the generation born from 1980 to 2000. Do you work with or lead millennials? The answer is likely yes. This group encompasses all workers between 18 and 37 years old!

Would you approach a problem in your job the same no matter the requirements, challenges or other considerations? Would you try to secure a cloud infrastructure the same way you would an on-premise infrastructure? Would those same controls work? Likewise, would you conduct a pentest the same without considering the environment? Fashion the payload without regard for the antivirus vendor? Deliver the same web app exploit without consideration for the use of a WAF? Attempt to bypass an nextgen firewall just as you would a traditional firewall? Obviously not, so why then are so many people trying approach leading the millennial generation using the same old tactics, techniques and procedures? Despite the stigmas and stereotypes this generation has differences that require a different approach.

I'd like to introduce you to four (4) ways you can (and perhaps must) change in order to effectively lead millennials - ABCs & Ds if you will.
  1. Accept their differences
  2. Bring the bigger picture into focus
  3. Change our mindset
  4. Develop their strengths; ignore their weaknesses

To further explain these areas I've recorded a short video. It's a first take but I hope it will help you greatly in your pursuit to lead millennials within your organization!

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